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SRTP steel mesh reinforced composite PE pipe

Product Characteristic of SRTP-steel wire mesh reinforced composite PE pipe for power plant1.It’s strength, rigidity and shock resisitance are higher than that of plastic pipes.2.Double-faced anticorr…...

22 2019-05 More
Steel-wire Frame Polyethylene Composite Cipe

Steel-wire frame polyethylene composite pipe is reinforced through twisting steel-wire of high intensity into helix, made out of polyethylene of high intensity. The steel-wire frame is closely connect…...

21 2019-05 More
Convenient Construction of Plastic Composite Pipe with Steel Wire Mesh Frame

The construction of steel wire mesh frame plastic composite pipe is convenient, which is the result of many construction teams. So why is it convenient to construct? For this reason, Jinyuan Pipe Indu…...

20 2019-03 More
Treatment of Water Leakage in Composite Pipe of Steel Wire Mesh Frame

Under the condition of changing geological conditions and forcible damage by external force, the composite pipe with steel mesh skeleton should be repaired according to the degree, location and cause …...

20 2019-03 More
Application Advantage of Steel Wire Mesh Framework Polyethylene Composite Pipe in Coal Mine

Mine pipeline products must be certified by the national coal mine product safety label. At present, the steel wire mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe has passed the national coal mine product …...

20 2019-03 More
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